Tuesday 17 June 2014

My stats: Info and disclaimer

I'll discuss elsewhere general information on cricket stats as well as giving examples of both good and bad stats and the benefits and dangers of using them.

This post is more about a warning, explanation and disclaimer of the stats I'll be giving on CricTrade in due course. It's to avoid any doubt or confusion about any cricket statistics I might mention.

Most the stats I'll give will be from my own database. It has several thousand games in it across all formats, covering more than 175 venues and over 100 teams.

The reports it produces are tailored to betting markets with the aim of being useful tools to find edges rather than of a general interest to cricket enthusiasts. There are far more comprehensive cricket databases out there.

When creating reports during match betting preparation I filter the results to what I feel are relevant games. This generally means:

1) Full games only.

2) Domestic games as well as international matches between the top eight cricket nations only.

3) Entire tournaments I feel have no value may be ignored. Some didn't even make the database at all.

4) Day or Day / Night games only might be included.

5) Games at matching times of the year will be included. Others may not.

When I mention stats in blog posts going forward I'll try to give a summary of the filters used and why. If I forget the general rule is I filter down to stats I feel are relevant to the match I am about to bet on.

As a result it is likely stats I discuss will differ from more generalised ones that can be found elsewhere.

If you choose to make a bet based on the stats I discuss then that is your choice. If you profit from any insight on the blog then great. If you lose money that is not so great. But just as I do not expect a share of your winnings I am not responsible for your losses.

That said if you do spot any errors in my stats then please do point them out! I double check all information going into my database but mistakes can still happen. Typos and errors can creep in either at the data entry, report filtering or blog writing stages.

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